Enneagram Workshops

These dynamic, informative, and fun Enneagram professional development workshops offer practical tools and techniques individuals can begin using immediately to increase their personal effectiveness. 


Introductory Enneagram Workshops (3 hours)

 The Power of Personality Awareness: Using the Enneagram to Better Understand Yourself, Co-Workers, and Clients

The Enneagram personality system, taught in Business schools such as Stanford, identifies nine personality types.  Learning about each personality type offers a quick way to gain tremendous insight into other people’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, and habits.  


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Enneagram Team Building

Most teams are not functioning at peak efficiency and effectiveness because of internal personality dynamics that reduce productivity and bottom line results. This seminar provides participants with a deeper understanding of themselves and others on their team by identifying how each person’s personality type affects their: • communication styles• strategies for addressing conflict • decision making processes • and preferred ways of collaborating with other team members. 

This workshop is fun, empowering, and especially beneficial for new teams; teams with new leaders; teams that are not working well together; or teams that want to take their achievements to the next level.  This can be a one-time workshop, or provide ongoing support for taking a team to the next level to produce stunning results.  


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