Rapid Organizational Culture Assessment

Beneficial for Corporate Strategy or Organizational Change

This service is especially beneficial for organizations that have identified a problem they want to solve, and have a plan in place to create a specific change within the organization.  I offer a neutral, outside perspective for facilitating group interviews to identify and decipher cultural assumptions in the organization that relate to the targeted change, and how specific assumptions will either aid or hinder the change process.  I supplement this with unobtrusive observations of typical interactions in the workplace.  The organization will receive a detailed Cultural Assessment Report based on the findings of the interviews and observations. 


Benefits:  The report provides information that will help leadership put energy into leveraging the group behaviors and assumptions that will aid the change.  It also identifies the behaviors and assumptions that are counterproductive to the change, which leadership can then address.  This process significantly increases a leader’s ability to successfully implement change.


Logistics:  I conduct interviews with groups ranging from 3 to 30 people.  Group interviews are an ideal format for getting at underlying cultural assumptions within a department or organization.  Interviews will take one to three hours, depending on the size of the group.  I will work with leadership to identify who should participate in group interviews.  The process is fun and energizing for participants. 


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