Qualitative Research & Analysis Packages

I will design and implement a qualitative research project based on your organizational needs.  

Methodologies include:  ethnography, focus groups, interviews, surveys, participant observation, and home or workplace visits  

  • Customer Empathy

Qualitative research design is ideal for immersing oneself in a customer or user environment, to gain insight on how customers think and feel, and what they want and need.  Whether observing customers first hand, or understanding the meaning from social media chatter, anthropological analysis will help you map the underlying patterns in people’s actions.

  • User Experience

Qualitative research can help you better understand the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of any group of people by observing individuals and groups to identify patterns of behavior and underlying motivations. 

  • Product or Service Development

Anthropologists visit customers in their homes or offices to observe and listen in a non-directed way.  This approach shows the context in which a person would use a new product or service, and the meaning it might hold in their lives.  


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